Father’s Day

Every year for the last few years, I have wished on Father’s Day I could go buy the proverbial tie for my dad and give him a call.  He isn’t here any more for me to do that but every day I think of how he was as a father that helped make me the person I am today.


My dad was a man who would shake your hand instead of signing a contract.  He never really had any money but he would give you whatever he could if you needed it.  He was loyal, honest and hardworking.   He wasn’t a loud sort,  but you knew when he had something to say..  He wasn’t the disciplinarian in our home, but you knew if you crossed the line. When I would introduce him to whatever boy I was dating at the time, he would look from behind his newspaper, grunt, and go back to reading.  First and last date.

I remember Sunday mornings with country music playing on the stereo and my dad whistling in the kitchen while he made breakfast.  And if he wasn’t in the kitchen, he would be cooking meat until it was shoe leather on the grill.  He was a New Englander and a true Boston sports fan, and his heart was always with his hometown in Pittsfield, NH.


My dad was a fantastic dancer.  He would take my mom out on the floor and they would start dancing and by the end of the song,  the entire floor would be standing in a circle, watching them twirl.


The most important thing was his love for his family and his devotion to friends.  He would protect the ones that meant so much to him with his life if he had to.  He was always there to help family and friends in need, no matter what it was.  Grandchildren only added to the love he had to give and he could always be seen sitting in his favorite recliner with one or two or more sitting on his lap.

So Dad….even though you aren’t with us physically, you are in our hearts every moment of every day.  Your legacy of love continues on.  Happy Father’s Day to one of the best.  I love you Dad.


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